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7 Reasons Why You Should Own a Ebook Reader

Portable Ebook readers are no longer the large, box-shaped devices they used to be. While they used to be portable, they were certainly not great to look at and the number of features was very limited. Well, that has all changed now thanks to devices such as the Amazon Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Cybook and the BeBook.

Portable Ebook readers are now among the top gadgets to have due to the increasing technology and the attractive design that is now commonplace. Here are 7 of the top reasons why you need to own a portable eBook reader.


Reason 1: You can carry a virtual public library of information, facts, and data anywhere you go.

If you need to visit the office, a social gathering or just take something to see a friend, you can have everything you need (and more) right beside you in your bag. Within seconds, you can be browsing through the library of information and showing your colleagues, family or friends.


Reason 2: They are far easier to use than a laptop to read eBooks.

Using a laptop when you’re on the go to read Ebooks is like using a shotgun to kill a fly. It’s overkill. Besides, even some of the smaller laptops are still bigger and heavier than portable Ebook readers. In addition, Ebook readers are easy to use. Most of the buttons are large, self-explanatory, and very intuitive. There are simple options that you have to choose from and the learning curve is very small indeed. It’s very easy to turn a page, move the display up or down on the page and make edits to the documents if you desire. Some of the more advanced portable eBook readers also have touch screens which are even easier to use.


Reason 3: Ease of access to your books.

Unless you have a very sophisticated library system at home, then you know how hard it can be to find the book you are looking for. Well, with portable eBook readers like the Kindle and the BeBook, you simply do a quick search to locate the reading material that you want. It’s so fast and simple to find anything that you have in your library even if you have hundreds of books stored.


Reason 4: Easy to read with text size adjustments.

If you have eyesight troubles, or you don’t like reading small print in books then a portable eBook reader is the perfect solution for you. You can adjust the font size to whatever you feel comfortable with. Even better, it only takes a couple of clicks to do this. Try doing that with a traditional book!


Reason 5: Personalize your reading experience.

You can make personalized settings for all the eBooks that you read. This means that everything is set up for you the next time you read your books. The text size will be to your liking and you should never lose your place with convenient bookmarking and even highlighting capabilities.


Reason 6: They are incredibly light.

The most popular portable Ebook readers, such as the BeBook and the BeBook Mini, only weigh around 200 grams. They are very comfortable to hold for long periods of time. You won’t feel tired holding a large book anymore. And more importantly, no more lugging all those books with you when you go on vacation. With these devices, you can have over 2000 books in the palm of your hand!


Reason 7: Vanity

Portable eBook readers simply look cool and are great attention-getters. The next time you’re at the airport, whip out your BeBook I guarantee you’ll turn heads and spark up conversations with those sitting around you. These devices are becoming more and more popular but they’re still unique enough that you’ll stand out of the crowd :)

Everything these days is technology-driven. Everything is impacted by technology. The eReader is no different. It is a hand held electronic device used to display ebooks. It is the shorthand for the ebook reader. Usually, such devices are optimized to reduce eye strain. This is done by using special displays and/or modes which replicate reading a real book or newspaper. There are several advantages of using eReaders. A search for eReader review on the Web will confirm the same.

One of the major advantages of the eReader is its cost. The cheap book cost is truly advantageous. Moreover, the reader can have a number of books at his disposal anywhere he goes. What's more, the reader can change the font size as well. Some of the popular eReaders available in the market include Sony PRS, Kindle 2, BeBook, etc. After comparing the different ereaders on this this, you will better understand the strengths and advantages of eReaders. It is a well known fact that technology has revolutionized our lives. Thanks to eReaders with e-ink technology- traditional readers have a better option. Incidentally, Kindle was the first eReader to dominate sales. Other brands that have surfaced recently include BeBook, Irex Digital Reader and Bookeen Cybook opus. eReading is definitely catching up. Some of these readers are not yet available in Australia, but when they do, we will make to have them here first.

eReading decision is a positive decision. It is likely to benefit you. You will not have to strain your eyes and you can read as long as you want to. Reading content on an electronic book reader is advantageous. This is why eReader in schools is highly recommended. It is bound to improve the number of children reading books. Children don't really have a penchant for reading. They get bored easily. A great way to revive their interest is by using eReaders in schools. They are handy digital devices capable of storing several hundreds of ebooks which can be read at your convenience. They are well equipped with several useful features that can make reading a pleasurable experience. You don't have to flip pages and neither do you need to lug around bulky books. All you need to do is click the right buttons to scroll through the book!

Leading eReaders have compact dimensions and are lightweight. As a matter of fact, a single eReader can take the place of several hundred books. Such books are very helpful and useful while traveling. You can access unlimited books of your choice at all times. They are equipped with a number of great features that can make reading books a thrilling experience. Changing the font size is a boon to those who are visually impaired. Senior citizens can really benefit from eReaders. You can easily convert an eBook into eReader format. If you are considering iPad comparison with the eReader, the eReader is highly recommended. The iPad is good at what it does but the eReader is far more beneficial and advantageous. What the Ipad lacks is ironic... when reading a book you probably want to get away from it all.. or do you want multi-functionality in the form of "new mail alerts" facebook notifications, on the other hand if you are after reading magazines, newspapers and are interested in covering a lot of material, you might want to have a look at the Ipad!




The newest generation Ebook readers, like the BeBook, are based on electronic paper, or epaper, on which the text and pictures are displayed by electronic ink - eInk.  This page explains this technology.

There are different kinds of electronic paper. In the current technology the paper is made of a thin layer (coating) of conductive synthetic material. The coating contains millions of capsules filled with oil, with floating black and white pigment parts in it. These pigment parts react to an electrical load. 

Under the tension, the capsules turn black or white, just like ink dots on paper. By varying the tension, grey color can be made. 

An important characteristic of ePaper is that the consition of the capsules does not change as long as there is no difference in tension. To put it differently: the text or the image will remain on the electronic paper, even when the Ebook reader is switched off. On some Ebook readers, people can read thousands of pages on one battery load.

A second important characteristic is that there is no need for background lighting to look at the picture. Just like with normal paper, it is necessary to use an external lighting source to be able to read. This results in a less effort to read from an Ebook reader, than for example a PC monitor. Plus, since the ereader is based on reflection of daylight just like paper, the e-reader screen is perfectly readable in sun light.



Electronic paper was developed in the seventies by Xerox, in the nineties the principle of electrically loaded balls turning under influence of tension and therefore showing either a black or white side, was improved by Joseph Jacobson. He developed micro capsules, filled with electronically loaded white parts that were dissolved in a dark colored oil. In 1997 Jacobson funded the company E Ink to develop the invention commercially. It was further developed into bulbs containing black and white parts in a transparent oil.

Parallel to the development of electronic ink, the first Ebook readers appeared. The first were based on the ‘traditional' lcd technology and were therefore not appropriate to read for a long time. Plus, the readers experienced strong competition from the pda (colored screens).

In april 2004, Sony announced the first commercial available electronic paper device. This is currently succeeded by the Sony Reader. 

The Netherlands followed in 2006 with the launch of iLiad, from iRex, a spin-off of the famous company Philips.



Electronic paper is the way out for people who read a lot off their screen. But there are also big expectations on the field of replacing printed (news)paper, (school)books and manuals. Advantages of the Ebook reader are, besides a handy, light size, the large storage capacity and the fast and easy adaptation of the content. Additional advantage is that some models have the option to make notes that can be transformed into printed text. 



The most recent development is Vizplex, eInk displays that are equipped with this technology have an even greater contrast and the pages can be switched faster. Vizplex is also suitable for larger screens. The first A4 Ebook reader will probably be introduced soon.


Flexible e-paper

Another promising development of electronic paper is the flexible e-paper. Philips spin-off Polymer Vision presented in 2007 a first commercial utilization of flexible electronic paper in the form of the Readius, a smartphone with foldable screen. This makes it possible to equip a small device with a relatively large screen. The launch of Readius is medio 2008.



The Readius will have gsm technology, just like the Kindle of Amazon. This makes it possible to download wireless through networks of mobile operators. Then you can read the latest news or purchase Ebooks on any wanted time, without intervention of a pc.


ePaper versus ePaper

The indication ‘ePaper' is used in English to indicate the digital edition of a newspaper. This is essentially a different concept than the technical interpretation of the word ‘ePaper'. On this site, ePaper is used in the technical interpretation. 

The same goes for the word ‘eBook'. To prevent confusion, the word eBook is used for an information unity or a digital document. 

The hardware on which one can read eBooks is called eBook reader or e-reader.  

Why the Demand for eBooks and eBook Readers Will Continue to Skyrocket

Over the years there have been countless gadgets that have come and gone. Some like the iPod, have stood the test of time, and have improved our quality of life and the way we do things. Many of the benefits and features that eBooks and eBook readers provide can help us to understand why the use of these efficient and helpful devices will eventually skyrocket.

Below, you will find some of the benefits and features that eBooks and readers currently provide, and some that are in the works, but all of them culminate to answer the question of why eBooks and digital readers will stand the test of time.


Portability and Ease of Use

Ebook readers make it possible for anyone to take a small library of books with them everywhere they go. Most readers are small enough to fit into your pocket, purse, or backpack, and weigh only a small amount.

Reading devices are also easy to use in most cases, with simple on/off switches, they don’t require long boot up times. Most of the screens are high resolution, which makes reading on the go easy on the eyes, and the readers don’t have a lot of fancy options and buttons, which make them simple enough for even children to operate.


Convenient Features

Bookmarking is a handy feature that most eBook readers already provide. You can earmark a certain page or chapter, and quickly jump to the spot in any of the books that are saved on the reader. A built in easy to access type of dictionary would make it simple for you to look up words or terms that you may not be familiar with while reading.

Storage is a breeze with the current flash drives that can be plugged directly into eBook readers, which allow consumers to store even hundreds of eBooks at a time for quick reference. It sure does beat an entire room full of dusty novels.

Instant wireless connection will be a must if eBook readers are to continue to take off. Reading devices need to be able to instantly communicate and receive new books quickly.The addition of useful pictures and videos to reading devices of the future will help to improve the readers’ experience, and will surpass the limitations of print books.


Desirable Benefits

The relatively low cost of a monthly reading device service means that you will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year by not having to purchase expensive print books. EBooks can be distributed worldwide, which means more sales and a wider distribution of content. This makes it possible for people from any country to learn on an even playing field.

Successful reading devices will be compatible with any book format, and will not place limitations on where a consumer can purchase their eBooks. Reading devices and electronic books will also have built in digital management of rights, and property protection that will protect the authors’ works from plagiarism and piracy.

With all of the benefits that eBooks and reading devices currently offer, and the features yet to come, it is easy to see why the use of these tools is so wide spread and continues to grow on a daily basis. Pretty soon electronic reading devices will become common place in homes across the globe, just like MP3 players and cell phones.


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