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Goos-e is a Dutch design product where function and shaping closely fit together. Goos-e is pronounced as ‘Goozie’ and the name refers to the highly flexible goose neck and the quirky and fun animal that inspired us!

It is our belief that you can only really design excellent products if you think about the user’s needs first. A design does not start on the drawing board, but in a conversation with the product’s future users. Goos-e is a striking example of this. Once we had a clear picture of how tablets are being used today, the design for this universal tablet stand was already half done. 

The tablet has become a natural part of every household. We look at our tablet for weather reports. We use the iPad as a second computer screen, as an e-reader, as a gaming device, or use it to watch TV. Compared to a TV and PC, a tablet has but one drawback: you need to hold it with your hands constantly. This inspired us to develop a flexible arm combined with a practical tablet stand. You will no longer have to wrestle around when using your tablet; the Goos-e will hold it firmly in place. 

Our designers looked closely at the various universal tablet stands that were already available on the market and conducted many tests. However, none of the existing tablet stands offered sufficient flexibility and too many of the stands were not strong enough to firmly hold the costly tablets. That had to be improved upon. We started with a blank sheet of paper and ended up with the Goos-e (pronounced ‘Goozie’): a gorgeous addition to your household and a firm base for every tablet. 

We interviewed as many as 387 users about their tablet usage: what the tablet is used for, in what ways the tablet is used, and how often it is used. As it turns out, a tablet is used in almost every room in the house: users watch movies in the bath, in bed, in the office, and in front of the fireplace. People use their tablet for entertainment as well as business purposes. Users pointed out that during 71% of their uses of a tablet they would like both of their hands to be available. 

With that in mind, the team at Goos-e started designing the new stand. We developed a flexible, yet firm, neck coated with soft rubber, with a very pleasant touch. One end of the flexible neck is equipped with an iPad stand, the other end is equipped with a colourful firm base, or the included clamp. Our design team once again proved how design, simplicity, and ease of use can easily be combined to provide the best user experience.

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